What is NanoVida?

NanoVida is a gel that is obtained through biotechnological processes. It has antiseptic properties, accelerates wound healing, oxygenates and promotes natural cellular regeneration of the affected area. Our formula allows to reduce up to 3 times the wound healing time. It can also reduce the cost of a traditional treatment for chronic wounds by up to 90%. It is easy to use and doesn't require a cold chain. Our main ingredients treat and prevent future infections and don’t generate microbial resistance. NanoVida is a biocompatible, non-toxic and biocatalytic product.

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Currently in the world there isn’t effective product to treat chronic wounds that are difficult to heal like ours. The W.H.O. indicates that in the world every 4 seconds there is an amputation derived from complications of infected chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot, pressure ulcers and burns.

Obsolete medical treatments

This is really terrible because when a limb is amputated the quality of life is reduced and life expectancy is also drastically reduced to less than 8 years.The traditional treatments used are expensive, ineffective and generate microbial resistance, making these treatments, obsolete.


Nanovida solves the problem of chronic wound healing thanks to its formula that integrates functionalized nanoparticles with natural extracts from the Amazon. Nanovida's mechanism of action is divided in two stages.

First Stage

The first is its antiseptic capacity, eliminating infection from the affected area, obtaining skin ready for regeneration.

Second Stage

The second is the ability to accelerate the natural healing process, this is obtained because its main components oxygenate the infected area, stimulate fibroblast migration and collagen synthesis.

Our Clients

Our current clients are patients with chronic wounds, especially people with diabetic foot or other skin lesions, also patients with burns and surgical wounds with pressure ulcers.

97% satisfaction

We have currently clinically validated the efficacy of Nanovida with more than 130 patients in whom we have obtained 97% satisfaction, achieving reversal of necrosis and avoiding amputation of a diabetic foot in less than 2 months.

second degree burn and various minor injuries

We have also treated a second degree burn and various minor injuries, with favorable results in all cases. Thus giving us the confidence to offer our product to the general public.

So why choose us?

NanoVida is an innovative product that combines the power of nanotechnology and nature, to provide relief to those who suffer from an illness that until now did not have such a simple treatment as our product offers.

Now you know...

With NanoVida the incurable wounds are over, you have the solution in your hands!

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